Thursday, February 6, 2014

All in the Family.

We thought this was just too cute not to share. These kids have grown up working in catering.

They know what it means to be "in the weeds". They know the difference between a 120" and 90"x156". They can get a meal "on the fly" from the kitchen. It's in their blood.

Last year, on the hottest day of the year, we had six sets of mother/child couples working their tails off outside to serve a plated meal for 700 guests. It is so amazing to have these talented kids on call when they are needed... and you know they are going to show up because, well... let's just say it's not Two Caterers they are afraid of...

Karla and her son Ethan
Kellie and her daughter Casie
Kelly and her daughter Avery
(you have to keep an eye on these two)
Maika and her daughter Sylvie
Kim and her daughter Nia
Rebecca and her daughter Jessica

Another generation of Two Caterers coming your way! Just another way we are