real corporate// ohiohealth luncheon

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image of room filled with people

image of venue/table setup/ room setup


Title/ name of event

Want these images smaller^ Start this off with the name of the company and description of their event. Ex: national quarterly meeting.. Then walk the audience through the theme and feel of the event and crowd. The location they chose and the style of their menu and service. List decor colors, textures used, flowers used, any unique elements. M. explain object of the event as well as scale and scope.


could do these images slide show style or have them all on the page in different sized and scroll down. Insert our touch on the day: We custom built this menu: - menu image or typed out. We helped them pick these vendors and coordinated these details. Food and details pictures included in slideshow above or a small collage running along side of this text. Wrap up with a quick summary of "it was a great event, blah blah blah"  Talk about the flow of the event especially if we served multiple meals. Breakfast, then whole presentation, snack, breakout groups, together for lunch....



Event Source

Rose Bredl

Premier DJ

Brett Loves Elle 

Short North Piece of Cake


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