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Skyllar interned with Two Caterers during high school to do some research on perspective careers.  She thought going into events could be a good path for her - and she was a natural!  

When it was her turn to throw the party, we were so excited to make it special for her.  We worked with local artists and vendors to create an awesome backyard experience to celebrate her high school graduation and make sure her guests remembered the event.  

Take a look below for our favorite moments from Skyllar's backyard celebration and ideas on how you can incorporate some cool things into your event! 

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Skyllar had a DJ at her party but she wanted various kinds of entertainment for her guests.  We brought in backyard games that were good for all ages - grown-ups and kids were having a great time!

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  • Giant Jenga:  Always a favorite!  Pro Tip - Make sure you have a platform for this that is level and hard - not grass.  Even putting a milk crate on the patio is helpful.
  • Backyard Bowling:  We rented a long wooden table and got some vintage looking bowling pins.  Idea:  No need to rent a table if you have one inside you can use.  Just set it in the yard where you have a bunch of space!
  • Shishkaball:  Guests aren't as familiar with this game so it really got people excited and competitive with themselves!  We had our in-house decor specialist create this for Skyllar's party and it was a huge hit.  



We worked with a vintage furniture designer in Cleveland called Borrowed Rentals to bring in soft seating arrangements for Skyllar's backyard.  She was on her way to Penn State so we picked items that were navy blue or had some blue accents.

Think outside the box:  Do you have a cool rug in your room that you can use outside to set the scene?  Lay it in a grassy area with your living room coffee table and put some pillows down to create your own soft-seating vignettes!  Or, would your aunt and uncle bring over those cool arm chairs for your party?  Is there a small pedestal table in your basement so folks can set down their drinks?  Be creative and make memorable moments for your guests.

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We also rented a cool clawfoot tub from Borrowed and nestled it near the bar.  We poured some of Skyllar's favorite punches into mason jars and tucked them into ice in the tub.  

Pro Tip #1:  Put this in the shade.

Pro Tip #2:  Set some big pans, crates or boxes in the bottom of the tub to fill up space.  You won't need as many bags of ice and when the ice starts to melt, your guests won't have to dig as deep for their soda or bottled water... BRR!



This is a party to celebrate your achievements and your hard work.  Pick YOUR favorite foods! 

Try fun ways to display items using wooden boxes or colorful trays.  IDEA: Do you love grilled cheese sandwiches?  Find an electric skillet and serve the grilled cheese hot and melty.  You can even ask your dad to flip the sandwiches and serve them to guests right from the griddle!  (Or you can hire a caterer so that your dad can enjoy the party too.  We recommend these guys.)

Skyllar's candy bar was definitely a fan favorite.  We brought in her favorite candies and displayed them in fun jars with cute signs.  The Tootsie Rolls were "Honor Rolls" and the Starburst said "Shoot for the stars."  A fun chalkboard sign was painted to say "A Sweet New Beginning" and wished Skyllar well in her next adventure. 

Recommendation:  Put out some baggies or boxes so guests can load up and take candy home as a "Thank you!"

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BEEF SLIDER / dill pickle, bistro sauce, fresh parkerhouse roll
BOMBAY TURKEY SLIDER / soy chili mayo, fresh parkerhouse roll
MINI BEEF HOT DOGS / on a mini bun

HORS D'OEUVRE DISPLAY / set on wooden farm table

CAESAR SALAD BITES / in a parmesan cup
BRI & RASPBERRY TARTS / in a phyllo shell
OHIO CHICKEN MEATBALL / sweet, spicy sesame ginger sauce
TUSCAN MACARONI & CHEESE CUP / in a parmesan cup with asiago garnish
ARTICHOKE & SPINACH DIP / shagbark corn chips

HORS D'OEUVRE DISPLAY / set on kitchen island

SPICY CORN SALSA / shagbark corn chips
FETA WATERMELON BITES / with lemon-mint marinated feta
GARDEN FRESH VEGETABLE TRAY / house made dill dip
TRADITIONAL HUMMUS / with toasted pita wedges


BROWNIE TRIFLE PARFAIT / brownie pieces, white & dark chocolate mousse and fudge topping
BANANA CREAM PARFAIT / housemade banana pudding, fresh bananas, chocolate mousse and mini vanilla wafers
STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE PARFAIT / sweet biscuits, sugared strawberries and fresh whipped cream

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