This holiday season, we remember our teammate, our family member, Dezmon.

Though he left us - far too soon - we still remember him with every shift that we serve.  We hear his laugh in a crowd of smiling staff and we try to emulate his work ethic.  He taught us that we can leave a positive impression on the world by simply working hard and having a warm, friendly smile.

We want to support Dez's family and share some of his love with them this holiday season.

Our goal is to raise $1,500 by December 18th.  With that we will buy gifts for each of his three children and his partner Amanda.  We will pay a month of their rent and buy grocery gift cards with any money left over.  

Anything you can do to help us hit that goal and support Dez's family is most appreciated.  They will be joining us at our holiday potluck on Wednesday, December 20th and we hope to give them their gifts at that time. 


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