a word from our ceo


Angela Petro, CEO   (photograph by  Maddie McGarvey )

Angela Petro, CEO (photograph by Maddie McGarvey)

I started Two Caterers with a friend, who like me didn't know what she wanted to do when she grew up.  Self employment seemed like the way to go for us.  And even though neither of us were trained chefs (I wasn't even a very good cook) being our own boss, working with people every day and getting a chance to be creative seemed like a good gig.  Over time she moved to California and married her sweetheart, and I stubbornly kept at it. And I'm glad I did. 

Because Two Caterers is one of the things I am most proud of in my life. 

Our value statement is "We strive to leave everything we touch better than we found it".  There are times that personally and as a company we have excelled at this more than others.  But I know this is true...each one of us at Two Caterers starts the day with the belief that we will bring our best selves to the job.  That we will work hard to focus on excellence rather than managing chaos.  That we will find ways to surprise our clients and our co-workers by being above average and going the extra step

We strive to leave everything we touch better than we found it

Community is important to us.  Being a good partner to our vendors, our clients and each other is part of the fabric of the company.  When we exceed expectations we love to hear it and when we don't we truly hope you will share with us your thoughts on how to do better.

That's it for the short version.  And if you still want the long version...call me for that cocktail!