Bottle Up for Winter // Winter Wine Tasting


Bottle Up for Winter // Winter Wine Tasting

turn up the heat, break out your sweaters, and Bottle Up For Winter! 

Head to the High Line Car House to uncork and relax with Two Caterers and Wine Trends Inc. at the 2016 Winter Wine Tasting.

November 17th  |  6p - 8p High Line Car House

Sample 5 reds, 3 whites, and 1 sparkling wine while Wine Trends’ Dylan Barile tells the story behind each wine. Two Caterers will be serving up delicious hors d’oeuvres, including brand new bites from our Holiday Menu!

All wines will be available for purchase for $9.99 - $19.99. Bundle up for the holidays and save big on full cases (who doesn’t love wine in their stocking!?).



Seasonal Features : September & October


Seasonal Features : September & October

Fall Farfalle Pasta Salad


+ Chicken $10.50 // + Salmon $11.25

Serve as a Seasonal Side $3.50

Bowtie pasta with roasted butternut squash, baby spinach, bleu cheese crumbles, and candied pumpkin seeds. Tossed in our housemade Sweet & Savory vinaigrette. 

Root Vegetable & Barley Side Salad


Locally grown beets, chopped figs, and pickled red onion. Dressed with a maple-dijon vinaigrette. 


Southwest Chicken Wrap

Add to any Boxed Lunch or Pre-made Sandwich Tray for the same price as our existing varieties! 

Grilled chicken breast with blackened seasoning, corn salsa, southwestern spice grilled vegetables, shredded Mexican cheese, and ranch in a sun-dried tomato wrap. 


Chicken Ratatouille


Chicken stewed with fresh summer vegetables until tender. Includes brown rice, garden salad, rolls & butter, and a dessert tray. 

* All prices are per person. Food minimums apply to all orders. 


Seasonal Features : July & August


Seasonal Features : July & August

Build Your Own Pita Pocket & Salad Bar


Includes pita pockets, enough chopped lettuce to make a salad (or fill your pocket), chicken shawarma, housemade falafel, hummus, tzatziki yogurt sauce, pickled red onions, crumbled feta cheese, diced tomatoes, and pepperoncini peppers.

Our falafel is made with gluten-free chickpea flour!  

*All costs are per person. Minimum guest count is 15 people. Two Caterers food minimums apply for all orders.

KaleCaesarSalad copy.gif

Ohio Kale Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken


Or serve as a seasonal side dish for only $2.50**

**Cost does not include sliced grilled chicken breast or salmon.

Locally grown Tuscan kale tossed in our housemade garlic caesar dressing with black pepper parmesan croutons and grilled chicken from Gerber Farms right here in Ohio! 

If chicken isn't for you, you can substitute Salmon instead • $11.25 

*All costs are per person. Two Caterers food minimums apply for all orders.



Roasted Red Pepper Orzo Side Salad



Fresh, grilled summer vegetables, orzo, basil, and mozzarella tossed in a red pepper vinaigrette. 

*All costs are per person. Two Caterers food minimums apply for all orders.



"Featuring" Chef's Seasonal Vegetable


Featuring zucchini and baked summer squash from our friends over at Great River Organics (an Ohio Co-op of Organic Farmers). The beautifully layered veggies are served over marinara and topped with Parmesan cheese.