TC Tip For: DIY Harvest Décor


Looking for new harvest D.I.Y’s for your seasonal parties? Want the trendiest wedding decor for fall? You’ve come to the right place.. Here at Two Caterers we're embracing the fall vibes with this super easy and festive décor idea!

Mason jars aren't just for preserving anymore. Use your old jars and give them a fresh new look. These adorable jars can be used for easy, simple decorations for absolutely any season or event. They can even be given away after events as party favors or to neighbors and friends without worrying about your breaking the bank. 

Today’s D.I.Y was inspired by Local Matters' annual Harvest Ball we hosted last Friday at the High Line Car House. They can make a fall party or wedding feel more warm, cozy and cute or can become your go-to décor for the whole autumn season.

For only $10, can you believe it?! 

For only $10, can you believe it?! 

Families and craft-lovers alike can put this together for around $10. All you need is a few mason jars (new or recycled), spray adhesive, matte medium (make sure to get the kind that dries clear), faux or real leaves, twine, and your creativity! We found that faux leaves are a bit easier because they stick and hold to the mason jar better.

Let's get to it: 

1. Make sure to clean all of the jars with soap and water or rubbing alcohol (for stubborn grease, grime, or pesky stickers).

2. Bend your faux leaves a little so they will stick easier around your jar. Tip: if they just won’t bend, use an iron to warm them up and loosen the tough fibers.


3. Spray a section of the jar with the adhesive. Starting from the center of the leaf, press it lightly to the jar. Slowly move to the outside, making sure to smooth the edges.

4. Apply a thin layer of matte medium to cover the entire leaf. This will make sure they don't peel or fall off. 

5. Repeat with as many leaves as you desire. Let the jars dry for a few hours or until it's no longer sticky. 


To make these lovely Harvest Jars even cuter, add some twine at the top of the jar to finish the look. Voilà! You can place tealight candles inside the jars, scented or unscented, it's up to you! 

Finally, let them light the room with rustic colors of orange, yellow, red, and green. Share photos of your jars on social media and tell us how they're enhancing your harvest décor and seasonal parties by tagging us (@twocaterers) and using the hashtag #TCtip.