Day #1

By Kia Bradburn, HR Business Partner

pic 2.png


This morning I checked my tire pressure - a nail on the tire wall is nobody's friend - and ensured I didn't look a hot mess.  As I sat down in my car, I was overcome with joy!  The tear creating, overwhelming, yell in your car because you are so excited joy!

This was my first day of the BEST part of my life!  I claimed this was MY JOB after my December phone screen with Lori - who I am grateful to for passing my resume along.  I even boldly told other interviewers that I couldn't possibly entertain an offer until I knew I was out of the running for Two Caterers HR Business Partner.  This is a move I have never done and, as a career coach, would never recommend. But I am a law of attraction believer and know you can set your destiny with intention and action! 


When Kathy called me to offer me the opportunity I knew this was my moment!  The job I had trained for my whole career and the best opportunity for me to contribute to something GREAT!  Imagine my joy when I was greeted by Sarah's smiling face at the door, then by Stefan who remembered me from my interview a few weeks prior (I was careful not to walk across his just polished floors).  As I reached the top of the stairs, Kathy approached with the warmest smile and hug, letting me know this was exactly where I wanted to be!  The warm welcomes continued as I met the management team: two fellow Bobcats (Carly and Rebecca), Angela and Chef.

This is bigger than a moment.  This is the beginning of my journey to serve a new group of customers, the Two Caterers/Sweet Carrot family and learn more about hospitality than I knew before I arrived.  It would be an understatement to say that this opportunity meets my passion for serving others, enthusiasm for unique presentation and love of food.  (I enjoy Sweet Carrot’s Brisket with Mac & Cheese regularly!) 

Every interesting and absurd HR experience, amazing relationships (I have made lifelong friends at every company I work for) and truly valuable skill I've learned has prepared me for this opportunity.

So yes I'm the happiest I've ever been at a new job and it's only 11:30 AM on my first day!