A Fun Company that is serious about food

Hospitality is in our hearts.  Since we opened our doors in 1997, we have helped our clients celebrate life's most important moments.  We are passionate, professional and committed to providing unbeatable service and the highest quality of cuisine.  



Two Caterers company values

We live by our values and have a strong company culture.  When you work with our team you will sense the joy and fun that we bring to your experience.  We care about your event just as much as you do and approach everything with the intention to make it the best we possibly can.  

be the cookie


Over the years another phrase, "Be The Cookie", has been used to reflect the way we live our values and explain why every person's role in the company is important.

When a client orders a cookie, a journey begins.  Ingredients are ordered, a recipe is followed and eventually a guest devours that cookie with joy.  When our staff visualize that process from beginning to end, it ensures that no one passes their problems down the line.  

Our team honors each and every part of the journey so that everything we touch will ultimately make its way to our clients with excellence.

Watch our video below to learn more about what it means to Be The Cookie.