Dear Two Caterers Family,

Hopefully you have recognized that in the past year we have been promoting the values of Two Caterers. 

But in thinking over what our company values truly mean, and whether you, the people who make up the company, truly understand how important those values are to me personally, I worry that I haven’t done a very good job. And rather than list them out here, I have a better idea. 



I’m going to put our company money where our values are.  


Starting now and with no expiration date, each of you have the opportunity to


You must choose a legal non-profit, that is not a political entity, and that makes this community a better place. 

Basically, I want you to think about how you personally can impact change whether it’s through direct support of those in need, through social change, research, education or any other way that organizations are tackling the issues that drag us down rather than build us up.  

Because when we talk about company values that’s what I mean. The individual values are important of course but they all boil down to this…

We all have the ability to shape our world into something dignified, inclusive and plentiful if we buy in, participate and treat each other the way we want to be treated.

  • Be mindful in your choice, but do what feels right to you; we will not share your chosen organization with anyone else.
  • Please select only a legal 501 3C organization that is not a political campaign or PAC and that does not promote hate, violence or exclusivity.  *In the unlikely event that someone chooses an organization that doesn’t mesh with the intent of the offer, you will be asked for a second choice.  
  • You will be notified ASAP when your gift has been made.


And all in, we have 130 employees…times $50…that’s $6,500 we can donate to organizations that you feel strongly about. 

So use your voice and the company’s money to create change!


Angela Petro, Founder & CEO

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